Amal Seddik Afify is a published writer holding a PhD in Business Administration. She was born in Britain but most of her school and university years were in Egypt. After she acquired her BA in management from Cairo University and MBA from the American University in Cairo and her PhD from Aston University in UK, she started her writing career. She started by writing business administration books related to her field of study of which “Problems of applying privatization in Egypt” was the most well-known”. Shortly after, she started pursuing her passion for creative writing. Within two years she published ten different children books ranging from ages five to fourteen. She then wrote a historic biography of Mohamed Aly Pasha that was republished several times

In 2008 she published her first novel “Youm men alayam”; a panoramic vision of the Egyptian modern society

She followed her first novel by “Influenza Elhemeir” in 2009; a sarcastic story about how people from the future will view the present Egyptian society

In 2010 she published her novel “Nokta We Men Awel Elsatr” a social story, discussing the role of third parties in love and marriage relationships from several different points of view. Her novel EL Mirath was published in 2012 discussing the problem of monument thefts.

In 2015 she issued her novel Dima about Syrian refugees in Egypt.

Parallel to her creative writing work Amal started as an amateur artist in 2005. Although she considers art a beloved hobby rather than a career. She held several personal exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions. Amal believes that painting is a hobby that should be pursued by all as it is the most relaxing activity one can do.

Amal participated in the movie “Cairo Exit” as co-writer with Mr. Hisham Essawy the director. The movie has won Injaz Award in Dubai film festival 2010 . It has also won the award of best non-European movies at the Independent European film festival .

She is script writer of The Price movie based on her novel Dima and has directed a short movie called little hands.